To P. Hutch!

10 May

This guy… quite the guy.

Sioux City Sparks

Friends, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from the social aspect of my college career up until now, it’s that not everyone is going to make you happy.  There will be people who will rain on your parade.  Ruin your birthday.  Steal your scholarships and steal your spotlight.  Belittle you.  Put you in a corner.  Make you want to throw things at them.

But I’m writing this post to prove that there are people out there who really are better than all that!  People who will make you laugh, inspire you and make you feel awesome.  I guess if I were at some big fancy dinner event right now, this would be my toast.  To an awesome guy named P. Hutch.

P. Hutch (aka Professor Hutchins, but that’s obviously way too long) is our music department’s low brass guy, jazz band director and brass ensemble director.  He also helps out…

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