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23 Reasons You Should Go Hug Your Mom

19 Aug


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Not everyone has been blessed with the mom the of the century, but if you have, you definitely know it. And when it comes to the people in the world most deserving of hugs, moms always come in first place.

  1. For being your number one fan in every various activity you decided to try as a kid.
  2. And for cheering like you were scoring goals in the World Cup and not the local YMCA soccer league.
  3. Basically, hug your mom because we all spend so much time in life trying to win the affection of others, and our moms always treated us like a superstar from the start.
  4. For the times you forgot to call and she always remembered.
  5. For each and every time she had to take you to the grocery store as a child, because god knows that was a dangerous and expensive endeavor. Hug your mom becauseā€¦

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