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11 Habits Of People With Concealed Depression

27 Jan



There will be two main types of people reading this article — Those finding themselves better equipped to understand some of the people they love, and those who see their own reflections in these habits.

Depression often goes unseen, unrecognized, and undiagnosed. A person with concealed depression is someone who is conditioned to deal with their inner demons in a way that doesn’t make them clearly visible. They may or may not be diagnosed, and this may or may not be something they’ve shared with even their closest of companions. The problem is that the world becomes darkest when we all stop being able to understand each other. We tend to believe that hardship is worn openly upon one’s chest like a battle scare, but many of these wounds do not easily reveal themselves to those that do not take the time to look.

1. They intentionally make efforts to…

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The Silent Seasons

27 Jan

stories are gifts

I haven’t been here in awhile. Life has just been moving along, like it always does. Work, friends, family, travels – always learning how to be human. We’re back in the rhythms now, settling into the routines we often find ourselves in. And it’s in these moments, the ones where there’s nothing life changing happening, that I find myself thinking, “I’m not sure I have anything to say.”

Because there already seems to be enough yelling in the world, enough things clamoring for your attention, enough things wanting to be heard. I’ve never been the kind to join in with all the shouting. And when I have been, I often find that I say the things I regret most; trying to be cool, trying to be smart, trying to be lovable. Why did I feel such a need to be heard?

One of the most valuable lessons I learned in…

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