Tour Days 1 and 2: It’s Not Nothing, It’s Something.

4 Mar

Hello from the lovely city of Algona, Iowa! We’re having a snow day here! As most of you know, the College Choir is on our tour of Iowa. We’ve sung in three churches and a nursing home so far. A lot of singing has been done. I have to say, as much as I wanted to enjoy my spring break at home, I wouldn’t change it. And I couldn’t ask for a better group to be with.

Saturday was our first day, and we performed at Grace Lutheran Church in LeMars. Everyone there was so warm and welcoiming, and the food was delish! I’m looking forward to non cafeteria food over the rest of tour. The concert itself was great, a good first concert on tour. The only problem was that my feet went numb from my heels. I’m sure a lot of girls can say the same thing. After the concert, we went to our host homes. April, Ariel and I stayed with a younger couple that had the cutest little girl. She gave us three rules, and while I understand her reasoning, I thought it was rude. Her first rule was to be respectful. Really? But I’m not going to complain because they opened their house to us, and it was most appreciated. LeMars, you’re a good place.

Sunday morning we sang at Watson’s home church, St. John’s. The men’s chorus that he directs there sang with our choir guys. They did a phenomenal job! It was so cool to be able to do that for Mr. Watson, to sing in his church. His face was full of pride. After we sang there, we went back to Grace and sang in their service. Then we hit the open road! We ate at the Wild Rose casino in Emmetsburg. They were so great to be able to accomodate all of us. After being fed, we got back on the road and finished the drive to Algona. We were able to sing at the Good Samaritan nursing home here, and it was wonderful. I have always enjoyed singing for elderly nursing home people. They looked like they enjoyed it.

The church we performed at on Sunday night was First United Methodist. It was a beautiful church. This performance… I have no words for it. There was something about it that made it feel extra special. Maybe it was just me feeling all sentimental and stuff. Mistakes were made, I’m sure, but I can’t even remember them. While we were singing All That I Am, I teared up terribly. That song is just beautiful, and a reminder that all we are, have, love, and own comes from God. This choir, these opportunities to perform, the friendships made because of this group, it all comes from God. During the Morningside Hymn, I’ll admit I cried. I felt like a jerk because I’m not a senior, and we weren’t in my hometown, but there was something good about it. There was a connecting moment between all of us, and it was really something.

We were supposed to drive to Manchester today, but the roads just aren’t doable. So we are staying in Algona tonight, and we will head to Peosta tomorrow! From Peosta, we will go to Charles City, then to Guthrie Center, and then home! Here’s hoping that we will have clear roads for the rest of tour, and safe travels!


A Short Welcome

3 Feb

Hello! If you are reading this, then welcome to my new blog! I made the change because I like this site better! Also, if you go to the bottom of the page and click “Follow,” you can get any new post I make sent straight to your email! All you have to do is click follow, then enter your email! Happy reading!